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Unleash your Inner Wisdom


Welcome to Psychic Soma

Learn how to connect with the power of your Soma (body), your greatest teacher and guide. Your Soma carries an ancient wisdom and knowledge that can provide clarity, strength, and resilience throughout some of life's greatest lessons. 

Your Soma is very wise, and is always with you. This sacred part of your being holds many gifts and treasures waiting to be discovered. When we follow our Soma, we step into alignment with our purpose and our true way of being. We cultivate a sense of self compassion, peace, and understanding towards ourselves and others. We recognize our soul's mission, and we use our gifts to create our greatest reality.

This 10 Week Journey Includes:

  • 8 Pre Recorded Lessons: Including lectures on different topics that will allow you to connect to your Soma. You will also be invited to take part in weekly homework assignments so you can integrate each lesson with confidence before moving on to the next step. 

  • 2 x 90 min LIVE Classes: Facilitated by Haley Jane, including a powerful psychic activation ceremony that will pull you into alignment with your gifts, and pave the road ahead for your divine spiritual mission. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet with others that have enrolled in the course, make some new friends, ask any questions, and practice your new skills with others in the group.

  • A Series of Powerful Guided Meditations: Allowing you to tap into the 4 Sacred Elemental Goddesses of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Embodying their wisdom and implementing it into your own personal spiritual practice. Each meditation is carefully crafted to strengthen the connection you have to your Soma, heal the obstacles that stand in the way of reclaiming your power, and to awaken your intuitive knowing.

  • Psychic Development Training: A series of techniques and exercises that will awaken your natural psychic abilities. With emphasis on 4 areas: Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairvoyance (seeing).

  • Access to our Private Members Portal: Where you can find all of the lessons, meditations, and bonus content. All kept in one place, and easy for your to access at any time.

  • Bonus Lectures: Discussing topics such as somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, grounding, psychic development, the chakra system, energy clearing, cord cutting + More!

  • A Private WhatsApp Community: Where you can stay connected with your instructor and other students between classes. Or find an accountability buddy that you can practice with!

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What does Somatics have to do with Psychic Abilities?

Soma means 'body'. Somatic therapy is a body-centred approach to therapeutic healing, in which we listen to our body’s messages, cues, signals, sensations, experiences, and emotions. INTUITION is an experience that we sense in our body (usually a 'gut feeling') With somatic therapy we learn how to listen to our body, and our intuitive gifts become stronger. 


There are 4 major clairs that we will work on during our time together, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance. All in which we experience through an awareness of our sensations. Cultivating a deep rooted connection to our bodies allows us to anchor these experiences in a way that feels safe, and grounded.


Remember, your body carries an ancient wisdom that is carried throughout your ancestral lineage. Using these tools will act as a powerful catalyst for spiritual awakening and a deeper understanding of your psychic abilities.

This is for you if...

  • You want to learn how to develop your intuition and psychic abilities, while connecting to your body, and anchoring your natural gifts in a way that feels safe and grounded in your reality.

  • You struggle with trusting your gut, and you second guess yourself, often looking for external validation, or letting self doubt get in your way.

  • You feel disconnected from your body, have difficulty exploring your emotions, and struggle with owning your wisdom and inner truth.

  • You want to feel confident and independent in knowing who you are, release the shame and self judgement that are blocking your gifts, and are ready to dive deeper into your spiritual practice.

  • You want to connect with a spiritual community that understands you, supports you, and encourages you to step into your divine power.

  • You want to discover your power, and embody your full potential, while manifesting the life of your dreams, and alchemizing your self doubt into wisdom and confidence.

  • You are a highly gifted and sensitive person who resonates with the concept of empaths, star seeds, witches, elementals, past lives, spirit guides, mystics, channeling, energy workers, and holistic healing practices.

  • You want a safe space where you can be yourself! Play with other highly gifted individuals, and explore your truth in a way that feels welcomed and encouraged by those around you.

See what students are saying:

"I’ve always been intuitive, but just days into the course I felt my true psychic powers start to awaken. The class was way deeper and more transformative than I had anticipated and I loved every moment of it. It was a catalyst for me to grow. I felt extremely comfortable with Haley and the container she created. Her course allowed me to really reach full bloom in my abilities.​"


This journey isn't just about developing your gifts...

It's about


It's a life long journey of self respect, and self honouring
About serving the world, simply by embodying the best version of ourselves

"Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good time, answers to all you seek to know will come, and the path will open before you."

- Caroline Joy Adams.

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The next round starts on SUNDAY, January 15th 2023!

Spaces are limited so sign up today!

Value for this 10 week journey:

8 Pre Recorded Lessons: $3,200
Lectures & Guided Meditations: $2,200
Psychic Activation Ceremony: $800
2 x 90 min Live Group Classes: $600
WhatsApp Group + Private Portal: $600
Extra Bonuses: $600

$8,000 USD

Investment: Early Bird Price!

$497 USD or
$250 x 2

Only 3 spots remain for early bird pricing!
Next increase: $597 USD


Week 1: The Initiation

  • Introduction to somatic therapy & developing intuition.

  • Connecting to your sacred Soma

  • Welcome to our community, group guidelines, private members portal access, access to private WhatsApp chatroom.

  • Opening ceremony, your sacred intention

Week 2: Your Primal Power

  • Nervous system regulation & cultivating safety in the body

  • Learning how to listen to your gut

  • Bonus lecture: tapping into your sacred primal power

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 3: Everything is Energy

  • Listen to your feelings

  • The power of emotion (energy in motion)

  • Bonus lecture: the chakra system + energy charging

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 4: Choosing Freedom

  • Alchemizing fear & anxiety

  • Learning how to set boundaries + protect your energy

  • Bonus lecture: cord cutting ceremony + energy clearing

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 5: LIVE CLASS (Date & Time TBA)

  • Opening Meditation & Sharing Circle

  • Psychic Activation Ceremony

  • Review + Q & A

  • Practice in Action

Week 6: Nourishing your Temple

  • Activation of the Earth Goddess

  • Psychic development training: Clairsentience

  • Bonus lecture: manifesting self worth & abundance

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 7: Awaken your Passion

  • Activation of the Fire Goddess

  • Psychic development training: Clairvoyance

  • Bonus lecture: I AM - your word is your wand

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 8: Remember your Potential

  • Activation of the Air Goddess

  • Psychic Development Training: Clairaudience

  • Bonus Lecture: past life regression + karmic cycles

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 9: The Art of Co Creation

  • Activation of the Water Goddess

  • Psychic development training: Claircognizance

  • Bonus lecture: The 7 Hermetic laws of the universe

  • Optional homework assignment

Week 10: LIVE CLASS (Date & Time TBA)

  • Celebration!

  • Show & Tell

  • Review + Q & A

  • Closing Ceremony

See what students are saying:


It's Time to Awaken your Gifts!

Now more than ever, many people are hearing the call to step into their magic, and to share their wisdom to those in need.

We are experiencing a collective shift.

Learning how to listen to your inner wisdom is essential during these great times of change. During this program you will cultivate a deeper self awareness and clarity on what your intuitive voice is trying to tell you. 


Psychic Soma is an experience that serves as a powerful key towards our own personal awakening and power. Join our community and connect with others who are on the path of remembering their truth. I can't wait to meet you! xo

Value for this 10 week journey:

8 Pre Recorded Lessons: $3,200
Lectures & Guided Meditations: $2,200
Psychic Activation Ceremony: $800
2 x 90 min Live Group Classes: $600
WhatsApp Group + Private Portal: $600
Extra Bonuses: $600

$8,000 USD

Investment: Early Bird Price!

$497 USD or
$250 x 2

Only 3 spots remain for early bird pricing!
Next increase: $597 USD

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