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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Created by Holistic Therapist & Transformational Life Coach, Haley Jane

tarot, tarot course, intuition, somatic therapy, holistic healing, witch, haley jane

More than just your ordinary tarot course...

Somatic Tarot is a 12 week journey combining tarot, shadow work, and somatic therapy, to connect to the innate ancient wisdom of your body.


Each week contains new lessons and practices that will teach you how to tap into your intuition while gaining a sense of confidence and independence so you may share your gifts with the world.

The answers are NOT in the cards..
The answers are within YOU!

tarot, tarot course, intuition, somatic therapy, holistic healing, witch, haley jane

With so much information being shared online, it is SO IMPORTANT for us to have a deep and meaningful relationship with our own inner knowing. 


We must learn how to practice discernment, with CONFIDENCE, otherwise like many others, we will be swayed and influenced to conform to the unhealthy ways of society. It’s time to reconnect to our deeper truth.


"In the past, I’ve tried to teach myself tarot with books and it just isn’t the same. Haley’s course is well-structured which helped me learn easily on the fly. She gives the modern spin of tarot card interpretation and is your guide through, ‘learning the tarot journey’.  All you really need coming into this course is curiosity, and the love of understanding symbolism.


One huge unexpected benefit about learning the Tarot with Haley’s online course is that it opened up my intuition. She makes learning fun and is insightful plus she is a great teacher!"

- Shay Flores

"I came into tarot class feeling a bit frustrated and overwhelmed by my deck and all the symbols it contained. I was having a hard time integrating it into my daily practice the way I was being encouraged to by several books. 


  I honestly never thought we'd get as in-depth as we did in such a short period of time! We covered all 78 cards during the course as well as integrating some practice readings, meditations, and very fun group projects. 


 I had an awesome time and would definitely recommend the course to anyone new to the tarot who wants to get right into it. Haley is the most cheerful and lovely witch to be your guide."

- Antonia Dolhaine

"The Tarot course with Haley Jane was absolutely phenomenal. It truly was a magical journey to explore the tarot and gain a deeper understanding. 


 Haley is an amazing teacher and you can tell that the tarot flows through her. I feel so blessed to have such a gifted, wise teacher to share her in depth knowledge and experience of the tarot. 


 I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend taking this course if you are called to learn about the Tarot. You will learn a lot, not only about the Tarot but gain an even deeper understanding of yourself and, learn to connect to your intuition more."

- Siddhi Mehta

"I’ve been incorporating tarot into my life for the last couple of years, but I never really sat down to spend time looking at each card or getting to know the deck, or the symbolism and the stories behind it. 


 Haley has gracefully led me through this course with her knowledge, and she gave me a space to express my curiosity as I learned how to give myself room to interpret a reading. 


 Her enthusiasm and flow shows that she really knows her stuff. I usually hate doing homework but the projects for this class kept me motivated and inspired."

- Alisha Kumar

During this 12 week program not only will you learn how to read tarot cards, you will also:

  • Heal the relationship you have with your body, and with your inner child 

  • Learn how to truly listen to what your intuition is telling you 

  • Learn somatic grounding exercises that will build your tolerance levels and help you manage stress in your life with more ease 

  • Build confidence and self trust, able to DISCERN what is right for you 

  • How to feel prepared when reading for other people, and build the proper foundations for a long term successful tarot business 

  • Learn how to become a powerful anchor of wisdom for yourself and other people who look to you for guidance 

  • Gain experiential learning, collect testimonies from your friends and classmates, and finish the course with a tarot resume 

  • Learn the art of contemplation, dropping out of your mind and into your core, channeling your personal power into all that you do 

  • Learn how to use tarot for healing, manifesting, and spiritual growth 

  • Deepen your spiritual practice, align with your soul's purpose, and be part of a growing spiritual community to support you along the way!

tarot, tarot course, intuition, somatic therapy, holistic healing, witch, haley jane

Meet Haley Jane

Jane is a holistic therapist, and transformational life coach, currently residing on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples. She believes within every person lies a treasure chest full of wisdom and beauty waiting to be discovered, and with this awareness, we as individuals carry the power to set ourselves free. 


 Jane has worked with all walks of life and takes a gentle, intuitive approach, supporting those who are on the journey to healing their childhood trauma while cultivating a healthy self esteem, and strong sense of independence. Her mission is to guide others towards a space of openness, compassion and self acceptance, so they may move forward with confidence and a deep sense of peace.


Jane has been reading tarot cards since the age of 12, and now uses this tool to help hundreds of other magical souls to recognize their own innate divine wisdom. 

This one’s for the truth seekers, the wisdom keepers, the ones who are destined to walk a spiritual path towards their highest truth. 


For the highly sensitive souls, for the black sheep, the star seeds, and indigos who have struggled their whole life to find ‘home’. 


For the empaths, the witches, and intuitives who are READY to unleash their ultimate divine power, so that together we can co create more harmony in this world. 


Whether your intention is to improve your life for the better, or perhaps you have a dream of being in divine service to others. 


This 12 week journey will teach you the proper techniques to tap into your own unique channel of wisdom, and with it you can rely on YOURSELF for the answers you seek.



"My experience with Haley’s course on the Tarot was a phenomenally enjoyable exploration into this fascinating system of symbols, archetypes and developing intuition. 


 She’s an effective, experienced and knowledgeable teacher, well versed in the technical details of the cards while gently encouraging students to learn to trust and develop their intuitive gifts. 


 The assignments were inventive and fun. During the course, it was one of the highlights of my week despite having virtually no previous background knowledge."


- Tai Quinn Whyte

"Thank you so much Haley for sharing your knowledge of the tarot and teaching us to trust our intuition! Learning the symbolism and meaning of the cards is only part of the wisdom that she offers, she guides us to see the story behind them, and using them to get messages from our higher self is invaluable.


I learned that tarot is a powerful tool in the realm of self development and shadow work. She is a patient and wonderful teacher who explains things thoroughly and empowers others to be their own guides. I highly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in self discovery and growth."

- Amanda Koble

"Haley is an excellent teacher! Her instruction is simple and easy to understand. She has a lot of experience as a reader, and it's very easy for her to transmit that knowledge to others .


She makes every class exciting because she is fun! Even the homework after the class was interesting. I was always looking forward to my next class. After completing the course, I am now able to do  readings for myself and my husband. I can ask the universe any question and the tarot will give me an answer.


This is another tool I can use on my spiritual journey. I recommend this tarot course to everybody because Haley is a wonderful teacher. It is easy to learn with her, and I am very grateful!"

- Luis Grisales

"This class rocks! I'm so grateful to Haley as she has an uncanny ability to provide unique perspectives on interpreting the tarot that you won't find anywhere else.

My knowledge of the tarot has deepened in a unique way due to her wisdom and attention to details present in the cards. Her delivery is also funny and lighthearted. I look forward to joining more of her classes."

- Pari Kishi

tarot, tarot course, intuition, somatic therapy, holistic healing, witch, haley jane



10x Live classes & lectures+ Integrative homework assignments

$7,200 Value

5x recorded guided meditations

$500 Value

8x PDF Tarot workbooks

$400 Value

1x Private Session with Haley Jane

$300 Value

Private WhatsApp Support Group

$300 Value

BONUS #1: Tarot & Intuition Masterclass ($200)

BONUS #2: Grounded into Power Guided Meditation ($100)

BONUS #3: Higher Vision Guided Meditation ($100)

Total Value: $9,100 USD!

Purchase Somatic Tarot today for

$297 USD x 4

Or $888 Pay in Full

(Save $300!)

(Space is limited!)


What is the schedule for the live calls?

We begin our journey on Sunday, September 22nd at 1pm PST, and will meet every following Sunday except for October 20th, and November 24th which are 'integration weeks'. The last class will be held on Dec 8th. Classes will run between 2-3 hours in length, except for our last class on December 8th (we may go a bit longer than usual so we have proper time to celebrate!)


What makes this program ‘Somatic’ Tarot? 

During this 12 week journey, not only are we going to learn how to read tarot cards, we are also going to be learning different techniques to deepen our relationship to our bodies, and strengthen our intuition. Soma is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘body’, and this is where you access your inner divine wisdom. There will be an emphasis of stepping away from the mind and cultivating a stronger relationship to the soma. The more grounded and connected you are with your core knowing, the easier it is for you to access your inner wisdom. 


What is included in the Tarot lessons? Are you going to teach us how to do readings for other people? 

Live classes will be taught in two parts: Part one: Show & Tell, and a Lecture + Group Exercise, followed by a 10 minute break. Part two: Tarot Lessons + a New Integration Homework Assignment. The tarot lessons provide in depth teachings of the archetypes, and the symbols found in each card. You will also receive lessons that include: How to charge your tarot deck, how to set boundaries as a reader, how to protect your energy, the numerology of the tarot, and different card combinations that will make it easier for you to read. Plus, there will be time to do some practice with your classmates and gain some experiential learning! 


Does it matter what tarot deck I use? 

You are welcome to use whatever tarot deck that you feel drawn to work with; however, I do refer to the Rider Waite version in the lessons. If you are new to the tarot I recommend starting with the Rider Waite simply because it is rich in symbolism, the messages are very clear, and it will be easier for you to understand. Another reason I like to teach with this deck is because most of the tarot illustrations you see today are based off of the Rider Waite design. Once you get familiar with the imagery, then you can challenge yourself and try a different style. 


I’ve tried to learn tarot before but I get so overwhelmed and can’t seem to memorize anything! How do you do it? 

This is a super common obstacle for many people who want to learn how to read tarot cards, and the reason you find it to be so challenging is because you are overthinking it! Remember, the answers are not in the cards, the answers are within YOU! When you let go of your thinking mind, and drop down into your body, you will access your intuitive compass to give you the answers you need. Tarot is a tool that allows us to access our deep inner knowing. The more you let go and the more you relax, the easier it is for your intuition to take charge. That is why the somatic work we do in class is so incredibly potent, and adds an extra layer of confidence to our readings. 


What if I can’t make the live classes? 

The Live classes are scheduled for every Sunday at 1pm PST, and you are encouraged to attend the classes so that you can connect with your classmates, get some practice, and have all of your questions answered. If you are not able to make it, the live classes will be recorded for replay and available to watch whenever you have extra time. You will have access to the meditations, and workbooks for life! Recordings of the live classes will be available for up to 6 months after the program ends.


What are the homework assignments? What if I don’t have time to complete them? 

The homework assignments are an opportunity to integrate the work we will be doing together in class. They will not take you very long to complete, and there will be time to do a show and tell of your experiences in the live class. Homework assignments are not necessary in order to gain value from this program; however they are meant to help you excel in your spiritual practice.


Is this program trauma informed? 

Yes! I am a professional, and trauma trained therapist, and one of my TOP PRIORITIES as your facilitator is to create a safe and welcoming space where you can show up and be yourself! During the very first class we will cover the group guidelines and set the tone for the next 12 weeks so that everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone gets support.


Is this program for women only?

No! Somatic Tarot is open to all genders, all ethnicities, and all walks of life. Although I will mention that the majority of our students are women, roughly 10% are men, and 5% non binary.


What if I need some extra support during the 12 weeks? 

There is 1 private session included in this program that you will book once the 12 weeks has completed. However, if you require additional assistance during the program, you can book a private session with me at a special rate. Otherwise, the private WhatsApp chat room will be another source of support that you are welcome to use. 


I won’t be able to join this round. Will this be something you offer again in the future? 

Yes, I plan to teach Somatic Tarot once a year in September. However, the price will increase each time it is offered. 


I noticed that for the last class it says ‘presentations’, I am really shy and terrified of public speaking. Is this a requirement?? 

It’s time to celebrate! On our last day together, everyone will be given the opportunity to do a short presentation about their personal experience, and include their biggest breakthroughs and learning moments from the last 12 weeks. This is simply an invitation for you to recognize how much you have grown since the first class, and receive recognition and praise from your classmates! We have had MANY shy, quiet, and sensitive people enroll in this program, and my favorite part is getting to see them slowly open up to the group, and gaining the courage and confidence to express themselves! If you are scared of presenting, no worries, some students will create a recording for the class to watch so it is not as intimidating. That being said, you will NEVER be forced to do anything that you don’t want to do, however, there is a very high chance that by the end of these 12 weeks, you will feel comfortable enough with the group to share. 


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me via email at:

Purchase Somatic Tarot today for

$297 USD x 4

Or $888 Pay in Full

(Save $300!)

(Space is limited!)

tarot, tarot course, intuition, somatic therapy, holistic healing, witch, haley jane


Can't wait for class to start?

Check out my Bonus offering: Somatic Tarot & Intuition MASTERCLASS!

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