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Who is Sacred Jane?

Jane is a Holistic Therapist & Transformational Life Coach currently residing on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, also known as Vancouver, BC.

Her mission and purpose is to teach and inspire people how to reclaim their freedom and autonomy after enduring immense trauma and powerlessness. She believes within every person lies a treasure chest full of wisdom and beauty waiting to be discovered, and with this awareness, we as individuals carry the power to set ourselves free.  


Jane has worked with all walks of life and takes a gentle, intuitive approach, supporting those who are on the journey to healing their trauma, while cultivating a healthy self esteem, and strong sense of independence. Her dream is to guide others towards a space of openness, compassion and self acceptance, so they may move forward with confidence and a deep sense of peace.

Ways to work with me

Private Sessions

Book your first session for $97!

A combination of traditional therapy & holistic healing modalities including inner child healing, cognitive/mindset reprogramming, somatic/body centred therapy, narrative therapy, parts work, shamanic journeying, trauma release & energetic clearing, intuitive channeling, tarot & divination, art therapy + more!

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Photo 2024-05-15, 4 16 45 PM.jpg

Somatic Tarot (Group Program)

Fall 2024 - Space is limited.

Combining tarot, shadow work, and somatic therapy, to enhance your greatest super power - your intuition! A powerful 12 week journey, alongside an incredible community to support you along the way!

LEGACY (Private Mentorship)

Applications now open - Space is limited.

Struggling with self sabotage? Limiting beliefs? Is unresolved trauma holding you back from your greatest dreams and manifestations? In this private 12 week container, you will learn how to alchemize what is keeping you stuck, reclaim your power, and take charge of your life again!

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DSC_4299So fresh 43.jpg

Workshops & Master Classes

Educational content to elevate your soul!

Lectures, exercises, and workbooks, all with the invitation to empower yourself and step into the next chapter of your evolution and growth.

Down to the Root

An inner child healing journey.

Join me in this 3 part journey, and learn everything you need to know about healing your inner child. Understand your self sabotaging patterns, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and begin a new journey of deep self love and compassion.

DOWN TO THE ROOT An Inner Child Healing Workshop (2).png
Image by D koi

SECRET (Group Program)

Spring 2025 - TBA

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Not sure where to start??

Book a free complimentary 15 minute discovery call so that we can chat about your visions and goals!

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